Monday, August 19, 2013

Peering Through the Cobwebs

[A/N: response to denise's poem about black and white and stuff ]

When given a choice between darkness and light, you weigh an unseen scale.
Light on one side, dark on the other, you don't know which will prevail.
There's only two choices, there's no in between, you must pick, but how do you choose?
You see the light but you feel the dark, and you think, what have you got to lose?

Maybe, perhaps, if you take a step back, your vision will start to shift.
A dot here, a blot there, what is that blur? and suddenly you are adrift
On a sea of gray, silver in shine, with not a moor in sight.
You're lost, confused, and fearful in this world that's not black, yet not white.

You don't understand, but that's alright. No one truly sees
That black is not black, and white is not white; you make it whatever you please.
The dark is only dark if you let it veil your eyes, just like the light can blind your view,
And when you stumble, when you fall, we'll always be there, ready to catch you.


El Campo (The Field)

En el campo, mi familia anduvo
Miramos los pájaros en el cielo
En el campo, mi familia bromeó
Miramos la risa que salió volando

In the field, my family walked
We watched the birds in the sky
In the field, my family laughed
We watched the laugh that flew away


La Vida (The Life)

La vida ha empezado
Débil y pequeña
La vida ha continuado
Fuerte pero indecisa
La vida ha terminado
Triste con aflicción
A todas las personas que haya conocido su alma bien

The life has begun
Weak and small
The life has continued
Strong but indecisive
The life has ended
Sad with affliction
To all of the people that knew your soul well


Una Rosa (A Rose)

Una rosa que crezca en el invierno
Trae buena suerte a todo
Una rosa que crezca en la primavera
Trae sonrisas a todo
Una rosa que crezca en el verano
Trae calor a todo
Una rosa que crezca en el otoño
Trae feliz a todo
Pero, una rosa que te ayuda por el día
Es más hermosa que todas

A rose that grows in winter

Brings luck to all
A rose that grows in spring
Brings smiles to all
A rose that grows in summer
Brings warmth to all
A rose that grows in fall
Brings happiness to all
But, a rose that helps you through the day
Is more beautiful than all


Wednesday, May 22, 2013

What Can Happen in a Second?

What can happen in a second?
A blink, a wink can happen
What can happen in a second?
Love can happen in a second.
What can happen in a second?
A breath, a death can happen
What can happen in a second?
"I do," can happen in a second.



The dullest things always hurt the most.

The dull, heavy throb of a heart that knows it will never be whole.
Dull blades are the messiest.
The pain echoes over and over again, building scar after scar, discordant cries forever etched in all who have ears to hear.
A quick knife, slicing easily through skin and sinew like butter, would surely be the better fate.


I Appreciate You

smile and laugh
remind me
of your happiness

sing with emotion
remind me
why you live

talk and listen
remind me
of your friendship

cry with strength
remind me
how you care

scream and shout
remind me
what i wronged

talk with eyes
remind me
how to see


[A/N Dedicated to my favorite demon cats- Zoey & Tristan and their cool cat owners, Alexis & Jamie]

It's times like these
I wish I had a cat
One to cuddle
And play with
To smile at
And be bemused by
An independent one
Who likes to slumber
In sunny windows
Or in my lap
Who purrs warmly
And pads softly
Through open doors
And likes to hide
In green gardens
Tumbling with flowers
Who knows that
I am sometimes lonely
Who does her best
To comfort me
Who stays by me
When nights are long
And falls asleep
Right in my arms
Who is warm and soft
And has a few quirks
Plays with shoestring
Walks on furniture
And nips my hands
Who licks my nose
Begs for treats
Curls on my papers
And welcomes me home.